Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Food, Wine, and Learning to be Myself.

At one point I had a number of posts on here.  They seem to have disappeared.  I know I must have deleted them at some time or another, I just wish I could remember why.  I always seem to do that; start a new journal (or blog, diary, whatever...) and then, for no reason whatsoever, I decide it must be terrible and no one wants to read it and what's the point of even posting to it if it isn't affecting anybody besides myself?  That was an awful run-on sentence.  Anyways, after seeing that there was nothing posted to this particular blog anymore, I realized that it really doesn't matter if no one reads it.  I am writing it for myself, and it is more important for my observations and meditations to affect me, right?  If I'm not affected by anything I write, then how can I expect anyone else to be?  This was an epiphany.  I think.

So here I am, at the start of another (sort of) new blog.  Where should I begin?

I love food.  No surprise there.  I love food so much that it's starting to take over my life.  That part isn't so good.  But before I start judging myself, it's important to note just how amazing the world of food is, and the infinite experiences that one can have with food in this country.  In one small town we can sample food from all over the world.  That is something amazing.  However, it is easy to let it get out of hand.  For that reason I have again joined Weight Watchers, and so far it's going well.  I can still enjoy all the wonderful food that the world has to offer, but it won't be taking over my life.  I'm nearly 25 years old, and I certainly don't want to miss out on anything else that life has to offer because of my size.

Wine.  Wine is wonderful.  Anyone who knows me knows that it's more than just a guilty pleasure in my eyes.  Wine is my future in so many ways, and it is another reason why changing my lifestyle is of such vital importance.  What is so awesome about wine?  Think of the history, culture and science that goes into making every single bottle of wine.  Think of how it is always changing, from day to day, and how no one can ever experience the same wine twice.  Wine is my inspiration to change.  If this unsuspecting beverage can change so dramatically in so many ways, why can't I?

So, through food and wine I am slowly learning to become myself.  Whatever that means.  I just know that for the last while, I haven't felt like the person I know I should be, or can be.

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